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All items are offered subject to prior sale.
All prices are subject to change.

The following lots* of mass market sized paperback books have been priced for media mail shipping within the continental United States. NB: Depending on the size of the order and other factors [which may include that the order be paid for in advance], pick-up by the purchaser may be possible [thus saving the shipping charges] but the order would then be subject to Rhode Island's 7% sales tax.

GBS1:   50 DIFFERENT SCIENCE FICTION $25 + $10 shipping/handling

GBS2:   50 DIFFERENT FANTASY $25 + $10 shipping/handling

GBS3:   50 DIFFERENT HORROR $25 + $10 shipping/handling

GBS4:   50 DIFFERENT MYSTERY $25 + $10 shipping/handling

GBS5:   50 DIFFERENT WESTERNS $25 + $10 shipping/handling

GBS6:   50 DIFFERENT, MIXED SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY $25 + $10 shipping/handling


GBS8:   100 ASSORTED, MIXED SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/HORROR $35 + $20 shipping/handling

GBS9:   100 ASSORTED, MIXED SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY $35 + $20 shipping/handling

GBS10:   100 ASSORTED HORROR $35 + $20 shipping/handling

GBS11:   1,000 ASSORTED, MIXED SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/HORROR $200 + $200 shipping/handling

GBS12:   1,000 ASSORTED, MIXED SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY $250 + $200 shipping/handling

GBS13:   1,000 ASSORTED HORROR $250 + $200 shipping/handling

     *The categories science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and westerns can be difficult to define, and possible differences of opinion as to what constitutes valid examples of each should be taken into consideration when ordering.

     The books [with a potential missed exception here or there] will be in average used condition [from Good to Fine, all with covers, and will not include obvious public/school ex-library discards] but may or may not have store stamps, owner's names, prices, etc. Relatively rare, expensive, and/or signed books are unlikely to be included.

     Authors/editors, editions/printings, publishers and dates of publication [most will be pre-2000] will vary [more or less randomly, and no list of them will be available for any given lot].

     In mixed category lots, the proportion of each category will vary [more or less at random].

     Lots listed as "different" will have no two books with the same title from the same author [or editor], but different titles by any given author [or editor] may or may not be included.

     Lots listed as "assorted" may or may not include duplications of some specific titles [and authors or editors] but will still be substantially varied.

     Multiples of most lots are available [with no two lots being exactly the same], either for a combined order, or for separate orders over time.

     Please email orders [or/and any questions that you may have] to:

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