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Monthly Catalogs [items that were added to inventory during each month and which were still for sale when posted here, displayed in alphabetical order by author, twenty items per page]. Please note that as these are static web pages they will not reflect any changes [such as items sold, repriced, etc] that might have been made to the active [searchable] on-line inventory since they were posted. Near the bottom of each page are navigational links ["Next Page" etc]. Clicking on any of the "Search Inventory via Homepage" links will return you to the Other Worlds home page [as will clicking on either of the galaxy images found at the top corners of each page].

Click Here for 173 Items added during August 2014

Click Here for 89 Items added during July 2014

Click Here for 199 Items added during June 2014

Click Here for 72 Items added during May 2014

Click Here for 99 Items added during April 2014

Click Here for 202 Items added during March 2014

Click Here for 178 Items added during February 2014

Click Here for 200 Items added during January 2014

Click Here for 127 Items added during December 2013

Click Here for 104 Items added during November 2013

Click Here for 114 Items added during October 2013

Click Here for 183 Items added during September 2013

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